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Annette Tooks

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     Annette was ordained as a prophetess, and minister in 2004.  She served under the ministry of Dr. Janice and Bishop Crenshaw of Kingdom Life Worship Center, where she was ordained minister and a servant leader for 2 years. She received her chaplaincy in 2014

     Annette is currently a member of New Birth Church and has birthed her own Family Prayer Ministry that has been in existence since 2012. It is a weekly family prayer and bible study which joins her family together by way of conference call. It is her desire that this ministry that began with her family will grow and provide healing for every family. 

     To help fulfil her passion to serve God, Annette became a member of the Soul Out Ones Prayer Ministry. Annette co-hosted a LIVE radio with Sold Out Ones Prayer Ministry broadcast at Atlanta’s 1490 am. In 2008, Annette launched her own Christian radio ministry, Women of Standard.  From there, Annette became co-host of another live broadcast on Love 860 called Real Men Talk with host Kevin Vaughn and Minister Jackson. Annette, a native of Chicago and resides in Lithonia Georgia. Annette is available and continues to speak at a variety of ministry engagements on various platforms. 


Psalms of the Soul is a book of Poetic Psalms inspired by the Holy Spirit for healing. They were given to Annette when she was lost her son Andre tragically and unexpectedly. Annette found herself in a grieving, hurting place. She believes these poetic psalms are to be shared with other as inspiration and encouragement who have found themselves in a dark place. These poetic devotionals will bring healing through laughter, thought provoking passages, and revelation of God’s grace provided in any situation. 

Psalms of The Soul is not just a book of poetry.  It reminds you of church yesterday. Its melody flows poetically as Annette paints literary pictures we can all relate to.   It’s a book that will help you laugh on your way to your healing.


            Cynthia Valentine Poet/Author

Annette Tooks

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