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It is our mission is to produce thought provoking, intellectual, substantive, inspirational literary media.


Boundaries Between the Lines

Written by Madison Carter

"Boundaries Between the Lines" is written in a simplistic way so the school aged children can understand. It takes them to everyday places and everyday situations that require them to recognize boundaries. 

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Seeking A Spiritual Encounter

"Comprehending His Love"

Written by Dr. Jade M. Jackson

What is love? How do we embrace and show our love toward others? Does love hurt?  Why and under what circumstance did you desire God’s love? When Jesus showed His love toward you, did you receive it quickly? Or, did His relentless, favorable presence take some getting used to? The importance of these questions is evident as we draw closer to Jesus and experience an in-depth mystery of His unending love.

His Kingdom Girlz: Let's Go To Church

By Tiffany Moss

Illistrated by Zakiya Goggins



In His Kingdom Girlz Children's book series you will meet three young girls. Tasha, Madi & Anaya are all from different walks of life. They will begin a journey of friendship and adventure, and along the way they'll meet someone really special.

Died At Birth

Written by Toya Heywood-Grinnage



Died at Birth relatable, enlightening and empowering for women. It explores real, life struggles and its growing pains.  Toya shares her person stories with complete transparency, as she leads us to her guiding light of deliverance.  If you allow yourself to be open, you may get a glimpse of your own reflection through her words.  Toya, won’t leave you empty. She provides tools to help you let your hair down and be free from the chains and bondage of judgement. This book offers encouragement to the hopeless and is a key to restore the faith of those who have forgotten, “… all things are possible through the strength of God”.    

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Matters of  the Heart

"Ten Episodes of Purpose"

Written by Yvonne Thomas 



Matters of the Heart is a personal testimony of Yvonne’s experiences in relationships. It consists of short story that identified what she experienced during those times. Reading this book along with her relationship with God, helped produce the healing and deliverance she needed. This book is truly an eye opener to anyone who's dealing with vulnerabilities of any kind.

Hourglass of Ministry "Final Hour"

Written by Dr. Joyce Smith-Oakley



God has given unto man many gifts and talents to be used for the body of Christ and His service.  Time is running out.  Will you be found doing the will of God in your final hour of Ministry? We are not just getting older but closer to God’s return.  The moment we were born life’s countdown began and we are closer to God’s return than we have ever been before.  The bible says, “and as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27 KJV).  We must be found doing the will of God in this final hour.  

Christopher Vs. The Bully

Written by Osborne E. Dennis, Jr.

Illustrations by Christopher Brown



 Christopher faces one of the meanest, toughest, challenges of his young life; a bully named Butch.  He was a giant that put the he-bee-gee-bees in everyone that crossed his path.  After talking to his mom, Christopher gained wisdom and the courage to take steps toward confronting his bully.  Inspired by Daniel, and his three Hebrew friends, Christopher learned that Butch, on is worst day, was no match for Christopher’s giant.

The Awakening  "A message to black men"

Written by Jeremiah Stubbs




This book breaks down, describes, and converse about racism and the politically immoral in America responsible for repressing the growth of black men. It makes distinctions between the forces of good and evil in the world, relative to the supposition of God & Satan, and right or wrong principles governing the fate of humanity. This book provides a solution to the black dilemma!


Innocent Betrayal Melinda, Anthony and Trevon's Story (A trilogy)

By Cynthia Valentine


Innocent Betrayal Melinda’s Story is a coming-of-age novel that explores the values of truth and honesty in relationships.  It presents real life issues and the moral choices made as a result.  At the center of Innocent Betrayal is Melinda King.  She is smart, sophisticated and ambitious.  She is self-assured and a good friend to those who know her.  Just when you think Melinda has it all, her world is forever changed by tragic circumstances. As a married woman, Melinda faces the biggest challenge of her life.  To tell the truth seems too risky; it is equally impossible to lie. Now she must recall all the life lessons she was taught as a child.  Will love conquer all or have the cords of family been forever severed by Innocent Betrayal?" Find out about the other books in the series.

Surviving Your Own Jungle

By Ashley Dawson


What comes to mind when you hear the word "jungle?"  On one hand a jungle can, be an exotic place to explore; but on the other hand, it can be a place of confusion and struggle for survival.  At some point or another we have found ourselves in the latter, a personal jungle.  Whether it be a person, place, or situation, we've all had our jungles.  How do we survive these jungles?  The first step is to change your mindset.  Surviving Your Own Jungle will help you change your mind set by providing you with seven God-given nuggets for navigation and survival.  This book is for the broken, the confused, the frustrated, anyone searching for a way to survive their own jungle.

Innocent Betrayal Anthony's Story
By Cynthia Valentine


Innocent Betrayal Anthony's Story is the second installment of four of the Innocent Betrayal series. It can be read before or after Melinda's Story. It is Anthony’s account of Innocent Betrayal.  The question is, “who is innocent and who is betrayed?” This book allows us to become more intimate with not only Anthony but all of the characters; even Melinda. It introduces new side plots and twist. Questions are answered, “Why does he love Melinda so much?  Why he is like he is?”  You will love him even more or respect him less. Where was he and who was he with the day Melinda needed him most? He also opens your eyes to some of the mysteries surrounding events and his own Innocent or not so Innocent Betrayal; you decide.

Christopher's Visit To Heaven

Written by Osborne E. Dennis, Jr.

Illustrations by Christopher Brown



 Lead by his own personal Angel, Christopher entered Heaven through its beautiful pearly gates. He walked down streets paved with gold to a very, special mansion.  Christopher played on the clouds and had a chance to do something he really loved doing.  He met an old friend and some new biblical friends.  To add to the excitement, Christopher was privileged to meet the greatest person that ever walked the earth.

Psalms of the Soul

By Annette Tooks


Psalms of the Soul is a book of Poetic Psalms. Annette shares, that these collective works were inspired by the Holy Spirit for healing.  They were given to Annette when she was going through a painful season. She lost her son Andre tragically and unexpectedly in a car accident.  He was only 21 when he passed.  Annette found herself in a grieving, hurting place. This well, of poetic psalms sprung forth from her and aided in her personally healing.  She believes these poetic psalms are to be shared with other as inspiration and encouragement who have found themselves in a dark place. These poetic devotionals will bring healing through laughter, thought provoking passages, and revelation of God’s grace provided in any situation. “Psalms of the Soul” is the first of many works that will spring forth from this literary artist.

When My Soul Started To Fly

By Stephanie A Young


When My Soul Started to Fly, is an adventure of life, love, and the joy of God in daily living. This book is filled with words that will inspire you and speak to your spirt. Young shares poetically with transparency. Times you will find her words heart tendered when shares about love and romance, and other times your mind will be intrigued; wondering, “What was really going on when she wrote those words?” She is open minded and engaging.  She says what we were all thinking but were too bashful to share. Then there are times when you are moved to tears with gut wrenching laughter. Travel with Stephanie, to this country girl's dreams. Love is at the core of it all. Love of, “what” tis this question. 



Quiet Moments With God

By Ramona C. Heirrix


Spending Quiet Moments with God will cause the hearts of its readers that partake of the words on each page to be encouraged. Within this book you will find poems that demonstrates God's love, grace, and His peace. Quiet Moments inspires and enlightens you about the realities of life. The poetry will motivate you to love one another unconditionally as Christ has loved us. It reminds us that at one time or another we will experience lonely, difficult and weary times in our lives journey. Reading this book will perhaps shift the atmosphere of a trouble space and bring peace to a confused mind. This book will be an aid in directing you to the times you need to spend those Quiet Moment with God to get clear direction. 

And The Journey Continues

By Kenneth W. Nelson


And the Journey Continues is a book of poetic prose that takes you on a journey. You will experience love that reminds you of amorous times. It speaks to the dreams of what you believe love should or could be.  Nelson uses words that titillate and sooths your emotions and reminds you of prettiness.  He uses come hither language that brothers want to borrow and every woman longs to hear.  The sensuous tone puts you in the mood for love. The temple will put your mind in a peaceful place. Over all, as the journey travels on, you will find your face fixed with ecstasy, a blush, or even a smile.  It will also wake up the sexy in you. Let Kenneth W.  Nelson take you on a poetic journey, through love, peace, and possibilities.

Are You Kidding Me

By Adrian M. Tisdale


​Author Adrian Tisdale takes you on an adventure that will peak your curiosity. These are truly gripping stories of love, lust, commitment, and betrayal. The gripping stories about the women who are shared with the book give true insight regarding women caught between the men they love verses the love for oneself.  Follow the stories of generational rites of passage through raising a woman with the right ingredients.  Are You Kidding Me gives women a heightened sense of knowing self-image? There will come a time for every woman's life when she must choose self-first.  How far are you willing to go for lust or love? …What are you willing to give away to get it?



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