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DP  Productions 

Nativity Unleashed


“Nativity Unleashed” debuted August of 2017 to a sold-out audience.   It did two runs in 2018 and a tour in 2019 that extended to California. “Nativity Unleashed” offers a modern day, comedic approach to the nativity story.  Amid the laughter, the audience is suddenly exposed to gut wrenching side plots that are life realities today. We experience family dysfunction and healing. It exposes some truths that most are not aware of and others overlook. More importantly, the gospel is being shared. Learn more about the characters see the character breakdown. For more information about the production, visit

Gifted & Unleashed


“Gifted & Unleashed” features performances that included actors, singers, poets, dancers, rappers etc. Their gifts and talents are woven into a cabaret performance that tells a story. Between scenes we see dramatically performed commercials that allow us to peek into upcoming DP Entertainment plays.  To audition for this production register for DP Entertainment. 

Silent NO MORE! Alive & Unleashed


“Alive & Unleashed” Takes us on a poetic, dramatic journey through the life of a poet.  The play exposes, abuse, neglect, father abandonment, and other life events that silenced her and then her from darkness back into an unleashed and victorious life. 

Calvary Unleashed


“Calvary Unleashed” takes us to church.  We meet church members whose challenges are not surface.  They run deep.  We see the persecution and pain that church leaders and their family face.  We all learn why we don't want to nail Jesus to the cross.  


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