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Damian Hill

                                                                   Actor - Model

Damian, is a model and film an stage actor. He played the part as Aaron and the Narrator in the stage play, "Nativity Unleashed." He is the leading man in the series, "Conversation with God." He has been on several television shows. He enjoys the process and the freedom of expression acting provides.  Damian served in the United States Army for nearly 13 years. 


Alexis Heggs

                                                         Actor - Writer - Producer

Alexis is a lead actor, on tour in the stage play, “Nativity Unleashed” playing as Dinah and Angelique.  She is an actor and writer on the stage play, “Gifted and Unleashed”.  She plays a leading role on the YouTube series, “A conversation with God” and is feature as the lead in two short films, “Misplace anger” and “Monga has Spiders”.  Alexis  wrote her own monologue, “Angry with God.”


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Allison Elaine Swearengin

                                                                 Actor - Singer

Allison started acting and singing at 10 years old at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She took acting and singing lessons with SOSU/Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival for seven years, and was also heavily involved in theater and choir throughout her middle school and high school career. Allison moved to Oklahoma City in 2014 and attended the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. She received an associates degree in contemporary music performance in vocals. Allison is currently involved with OKC Improv and has just completed Level 3: Intro to Long Form Improv.



Keisha Crawford

                                                        Actor - Writer - Producer

Registered Nurse by trade, but best known for her comedic and unpredictable personality. For years, she has written skits and created characters and costumes that have gained love and appreciation from many.  She has written her own online family sitcom and has performed in a stage play written by Cynthia Peters Valentine. Keisha truly believes laughter is the best medicine, so her goal is to travel the world teaching families how to use acting and laughter to heal strained relationships.


Dorothea Williams


Dorothea, developed a love for acting at The Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, Missouri over 30 years ago. She played in the Comcast 57 show "The Power of God" and has performed in several plays in the Atlanta area. She has played the role as Myra in the hit stage play, "Nativity Unleashed" and Harriet Tubman in Dr. Shirlene Holmes production of "She." Dorothea is a proud wife, mother of two, and grandmother of one.



Britsheny Bolaji

                                                                     Actor - Singer

Britsheny Boljai is an actress, recording artist, and lead vocalist.  She has participated in dramatic stage plays including, “Nativity Unleashed” where she plays the part as Marah.  As well, she was a part of a traveling show choir.   Britsheny graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Currently she works with children who have developmental delays or disabilities and their families. It is her desire to someday own and operate her own private school and mentor young women.  She is also the founder of Glitz-N-Glamour Event. 


Skylah Tiggs


Skylah  started her acting career as “Thug Worm”  in Nativity Unleashed. She was new to the acting scene but quickly embraced the spotlight. She also had the opportunity to travel to California with the cast of Nativity Unleashed.  She loves to sing, act and dance. Skylah is a 10 year old 5th grader that has maintained an ‘A’ average since kindergarten. Her favorite subjects are Art and Math. She inspires to one day become a judge. She will continue to work hard on developing her gifts and talents as God gives her strength. 



Jordan Sierra

 Actor - Dancer 

As adolescent Jordan’s time was consumed with the demands that came along with training as a technical dancer. However, it was always her aspiration, to be an actor and model.  At 15 years old she booked her first role in the independent film, “Marvelous.” This inspired her to spend time sharpening her acting skills.  As a double threat, actor and dancer, Jordan is looking forward to utilizing her talent on stage and in film productions.  She is currently attending Georgia State University, majoring in marketing.   


Amaria Jones

 Actor - Singer - Dancer  

Amaria has been an all-star cheerleader since she was 5 years old.  Currently, she is a varsity cheerleader at her high school.   She is a vocalist and a trained dancer.  As an actress she has played leading roles in several stage plays at the Rialto in Atlanta. Amaria, has played the part of Adina in the hit stage play, “Nativity Unleashed since 2018”. She, traveled with the cast touring from Atlanta to California.  If you didn’t catch her tour, perhaps you have seen her on commercials on the cartoon network.



Von Jones


Von, is a stage and film actor.  He has been on the “The Resident” “MacGyver”, "Greenleaf,  and other television shows. When he’s not acting, he’s a professional D.J. for parties, businesses and events.  Von has played the part of Joseph in the hit stage play, "Nativity Unleashed" since 2017.  





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