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Osborne E Dennis Jr.  

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     Osborne E. Dennis, Jr. is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  He has two wonderful sons; Javonte and Kzon.  Dennis’s writing abilities manifested while he was in high school. He was the winner of a high school poetry contest and went on to have some of his poems published. This set the tone for his writing.


      Dennis is the author of Christopher Visits Heaven, and now, Christopher VS. the Bully. These books are just two of many books that will come forth from Osborne E. Dennis Jr.​


Christopher Vs. The Bully is a story every young person should read.  In this book Christopher is equipped to handle his bully in a way that perhaps is unorthodox or foreign to some.  However, his solution to the problem with his bully is scriptural. Every child is going to face a bully at some point of their life.  Why not let Christopher and his friends testify about how they overcame?                                                        

Cynthia Valentine




This book should be a bible for every child who faces any kind of bully, at school or even at home. It is also the food they need to face the challenges of bully.


Oluwaseyi Bolaji

Proprietor of BLUEDISK LLC.


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Osborne E Dennis Jr.  


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