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1. MARY – Mary is a virgin, engaged to Joseph and pregnant with a child that is going to be the savior of the world. She is on the run seeking shelter. This character needs to be able to sing.

2. JOSEPH – Joseph is madly in love with his fiancée Mary who is a virgin. He is in conflict because he finds out she is pregnant. He must protect her from paparazzi who wants to ruin her reputation. This character must be able to sing.

3. THUG-WORM- Thug Worm can be a man, woman, or child.  Thug specializes in distractions and hindrances.  Deep down inside of Thug Worm is good person who is seeking attention.   This character needs to be able to sing, dance and rap.

4. MARAH – Marah is a mother of two teens whose husband has left. She is struggling to survive, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Must be able to sing.

5. BRADLEY or BRIANA- Bradley or Briana is Marah’s 16-year-old son. He/she is a good son, and student.  He has underlined anger.

6. ADINA-Adina is Marah’s 13-year-old daughter.  She was daddy’s little girl, her mother’s baby, and she is a good student. Despite the family issues, she remains positive. Must be able to sing.

7. ANGELIQUE-Angelique is an angel from the Heavenly Hood.  She is sassy.

8. SHANEQUA – Shanequa is a sassy, ratchet, loud mouth waitress. She channels Cardi B, and Tamar Baxton and the likes.   

9.  JUDAH- Judah is an intelligent law student and the son of a mom on drugs and deceased father.

10. RAHAB-Rahab is a flirt.   

11. DEBORAH-Deborah is a lying prophet.

12. DINAH- Dinah is Judah’s mother, Marah’s sister and a drug addict.

13. ELIZABETH – Elizabeth is the pregnant, spiritually zealous cousin of Mary. This character must be unyielding.

15. ALBERT- Albert is money hungry hotel owner, who thinks he has class.

16. MYRA – Myra is money hungry hotel owner, who thinks she has class

17. AARON/ANNOUNCER -Is Marah’s husband.

18. CONCIOUS- This character is the voice of conscious. 


SISTER TIREDNESS- (A woman looks 40-50) She is highly convicted. Doesn’t like the state of the current “church”.  She is tired of people making a mockery of God and taking the resurrection Jesus Christ so lightly. 

SISTER BITTERNESS – (A woman looks 30-40) was raised going to church.  She has a child named VICTIM which she hates and abuses. 

VICTIM – (A girl looks 8-12) She is a sweet but timid girl. 

SISTER GREEDY – (A woman looks 30-45) was raised in church.  She an elitist, she’s greedy, selfish, and judgmental. She is a closet single mother of two children OBNOXIOUS and PRIVILEGED.

OBNOXIOUS – (A boy 5-8) He’s talkative and obnoxious.

PRIVILEDGED – (A girl 5-8) She is prim, proper, and a little vain.  

She is a product of her mother’s issues.  She’s spoiled, intitled (privileged), and an elitist.

SISTER LAUGH A LOT – (A woman looks 25-40) Came to the church as a teenager.  She laughs at most things.

DEACON and SISTER FRUIT- (Man and woman who looks 35-50) They came to church as a young couple. They are kind, wise, friendly and supportive servants. 

ENVY - (A woman looks 20-35) She came to the church as a young adult.  She loves brand name labels.  She is also a gossip and is envious of everyone else’s disposition. She has a liking for Brother Whoremonger. She is a closet Whoremonger.

BROTHER STEREOTYPED – (A man looks 35-45) He was hired to be the musician.  It is assumed that he is a womanizer. He has a secret crush on Sister Tiredness. 

PASTOR HONEST: (A man looks 35 or older) He is a sincere man of God who preaches the uncompromised Word of God.  He loves his wife a great deal.

FIRST LADY HONEST- (A woman who looks 35 or older) She is sincere about God and loves her husband.  She’s closed mouth and quiet.

EXAMPLE HONEST – (A female Teenager 15-17) She’s the pastor and 1st Ladies daughter.


JESUS- (A black man looks 35-50) Nicely built.  Facial Hair preferred. Needs to carry the cross.

BROTHER NOT GREEDY (A man looks 35-50)


OTHERS: Dancers, Soloist

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