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Dr. Joyce Smith-Oakley

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    Dr. Joyce Smith-Oakley is the Pastor and President of Innercircle World-Wide Ministries of Chicago, IL.  She was called into ministry in 1983 and received her Missionary License under the late Bishop Ford, Church of God In Christ. Dr. Oakley completed Change the World School of Prayer and later attended ministerial training school under the leadership of Apostle L. Irving. Dr. Oakley was ordained and received her Pastoral License under the leadership of Apostle Carolyn E. Fair of Gospel Mission Ministries.  She preaches and teaches the infallible Word of God.

     In September of 2008, Dr. Oakley obtained her Doctorate Degree from Hope Bible Seminary, Apostle Sylvester Brinson III.  She also received the license for her school, Ambassador School Of Ministry, which is accredited and now in operation.  One of Dr. Oakley’s strongest facets in ministry is preparing God’s people through teaching the Word of God.

     Dr. Oakley is an established teacher, intercessor, preacher, prayer warrior and prophetess, sent to the Nations. She flows heavily in the gifts of the spirit, deliverance, inner healing and the prophetic.  A great apostolic anointing is upon her life. She has taught at a host of Sunday school, bible classes and seminars. Dr. Oakley has ministered at numerous, retreats, revivals, and youth services. Her ministry has lead her throughout the United States, empowering God’s people to pursue their destiny. The Lord spoke to her and said “Go through, go through the gates; prepare ye the way of the people; cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones; lift up a standard for the people, Isaiah 62:10.”  Ever since the Lord gave her this charge, she has been lifting up the name of Jesus everywhere she goes.

     Dr. Oakley has been employed by The Department of Social Services for over 30 years.  She has worked in the case management field as a Supervisor, DSP worker and various other positions with adults, disabled adults, youth and men in shelters, group homes and CILA homes.

     Dr. Oakley is the mother of two sons, Zacchaeus and Stephen Oakley. The Lord has gifted both of her sons and have placed great callings upon their lives. She has three grandchildren whom she loves dearly.  Dr. Oakley has learned, “The safest place in this world is in the will of God”.


God has given unto man many gifts and talents to be used for the body of Christ and His service.  Time is running out.  Will you be found doing the will of God in your final hour of Ministry? We are not just getting older but closer to God’s return.  The moment we were born life’s countdown began and we are closer to God’s return than we have ever been before.  The bible says, “and as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27 KJV).  We must be found doing the will of God in this final hour.  

“The Hourglass of Ministry “Final Hour” is a book that is needed in this season.  Where the church has altered its culture, and in some respect compromised its standards, Dr. Joyce reminds us to stand steadfast in holiness.  This book challenges us to line up with The Word of the Lord.  It encourages us to prepare for the call of God on our life. It warns that we need to be found in the will of the Lord in the final hour”.
Cynthia Valentine 


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Dr. Joyce Smith-Oakley

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