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Cynthia Valentine

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     Cynthia is the author of two poetic and dramatic reading books, Inspired By Destiny and If I Could Rewrite the Poetry.  She has two novels,  Innocent Betrayal Melinda’s Story  and Innocent Betrayal Anthony's Story and it currently working on the third instalment of the four part Betrayal series. To her credit are two poetic, spoken word albums; Role Model and Messed up To Be Blessed Up.

     Cynthia was a member of Roni's Backstreet Poetry and has appeared at the Comedy Store’s Cometri hosted by Roni Walters and TK Carter.  She also appeared at Marla Gibb's Theatre, Universal City Walk, The African Market Place, West Angeles C.O.G.I.C. Kiononia and Coffee, several churches programs and California colleges; The Psalmist Hour in San Diego Ca, The
Ontario Convention Center and the list goes on.  
     Cynthia was featured at Borders Book Store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Ca.  She was seen on the West Coast Apollo Television Show, L.A. Inside Out, and Atlanta Live! She was a guest on the 860 Love AM radio show Women of Standard three times. 


Cynthia’z poetri iz uplifting and her sistah flow is like magic, and when she speakz, her wordz double-dutch you in2 her world… a world inspired by destiny.
                                       Founder of Bakstreeet Poetri

Cynthia's writings brings out the reality of our dreams, the cry in our spirits and puts joy in our hearts.
                                                      Donna Walker
                                Poet, Publisher, Author, Motivational Speaker.


"When Cynthia speaks everyone listens.  Her voice echoes like thunder through a rain forest.  Her presence feels the air and her anointing is felt with every fiber of your being.  Cynthia is a dynamic uplifting remarkable poet and dramatic artist.  Never before have I seen such a force transforming mere words into poetry.  You must hear her speak."
                                             Monique Jewel Anderson
                                                        Author of
                     Plum Crazzzy I will Survive Given God the Glory


Cynthia Valentine

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