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Jeremiah Stubbs

Jeremiah Stubbs was raised in upstate New York. He attended SUNNY College located in New Paltz New York, where he had majored in Political Science, and took Sociology, English, and Art & Drama as his minor fields of study. However, he did not complete college, because shortly after his attendance, President Ronald Regan had cut government tuition and financial aid for the Continuing Education Program, enacted by President Jimmy Carter. After leaving college, he had gotten involved in community activism, had joined the local Democratic Committee, He became the youngest Secretary for the Democratic Committee in the 96th Congressional District for upstate New York. He was a community activist against racial injustices against black Americans. He was recognized for massive voter registration drives, participation in local and national elections, and was involved with the Rainbow Coalition, the Black & Puerto Rican Caucus, and other pro black movements in and around New York State. Currently, Jeremiah is a visual artist, specializing in highly detailed ink, acrylics, and canvas paintings.


Jeremiah Stubbs

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