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Yvonne Thomas

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      Yvonne Yvette Thomas is a native of Greenwood, Mississippi. She is the first of six children. Yvonne attended Amanda Elzy High School where she won High School Writer of the Year. Her passion for writing developed during my high school years and mostly college. She is a graduate of Rust College in Holly Springs, MS where she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. She also holds an Associate Degree in Theology from Midwest College of Theology. She recently just finished her first year of the Bachelor program at New Destiny University of Theology. Yvonne is the mother of three children: Camron, Eryn and Katilyn Hooks. Currently, Yvonne is working tirelessly to establish her upcoming company, brand and ministry #itmatters. Yvonne believes that everything that has ever happened in your life is for a purpose and everything about that matters.


Yvonne Thomas

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